Your Hotel’s Tour Desk is Dead: Bring It Back to Life With eRoam

For many (most?) hotels, the tour desk is something of an afterthought. It usually sits in a corner of reception somewhere, staffed by a bored-looking receptionist who isn’t a tours & activities expert; or it’s rented out to a local tour operator who only sell their own products. Few guests use it, it costs more money than it makes, and in an age when travellers are savvier and have thousands of online local tours & activities at their fingertips, it’s something of an anachronism.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – a properly run tour desk can be both a digital and a physical asset to your property that delights guests before, during and after their stay, and boosts hotel revenues. Here’s how eRoam’s travel technology solution for hoteliers can bring your tour desk back to life and make it a revenue generator… Read more